The World we live today is no longer a playground, but a battleground!

Life's battles were not always so intense. Times are worsening, and the world we live in is no longer a playground for children, but a battleground!

Just a brief history about how god gave birth to this idea in my spirit. Few years ago, when my children are very young, I began praying for a buisiness that would glorify God. Months later, I found very dissatisfied with the warrior toys I saw in department stores. It became apparent to me that some of these toys were wicked in nature. After praying vigorously, God revealed me that there were demonic spirits behind toys, which gave no glory to God's Character or His Kingdom. God's Character and nature is loving, kind, and gentle. As adults, we want ourworldchildren to learn that grownups are friendly, caring people and that the world is a safe place to live in. The sadest truth today is homes are war zones between good and evil forces. Instead of parental guidance, your hearts and minds are being corrupted by outside forces, such as TV, toys, video games and rude cartoons. As our children play with these gruesome toys, vicious video games and watching morbid movies, they are being victimized and desensitized to relate in healthy loving ways to one another.

As a Teacher and the substitute teacher in the public schools for many years, I have talked and listened to the hearts of hundreds of young students who have played violent video games and watched terryfying movies. These studnets have shared their fears with me and others openly expressed having nightmares for days after watching horrifying movies.

Friends, I see a tuf of war going on in the hearts and mind's of today's children. They appear more anxious, confused, aggressive, hostile, apathetic, and fearful. Their innocent young minds are being bombarded with horrible images of sex, violence, hate, and fear. They should not have to be subjected to these sinister, hostile forces.

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